About the company

Ever Green Polska has been a producer of high quality Christmas trees and garden conifer plants for 10 years. On two plantations with a total area of 130 ha, we grow four varieties of conifer trees and several dozen species of decorative conifer plants intended for hedges, lanes, plant beds, single and group planting. The smaller nursery, 30 ha area, is located in the vicinity of Konin, while the other one, 100 ha area, is situated in Wronki.
We strive to constantly develop the offer of our nursery, to make it complete and comprehensive. The size of the available plants varies from 80 cm to 250-300 cm. Since our nursery was first established, we have made every effort to utilise state of the art production solutions, ensuring the highest quality of our plants. The nursery offers products both in retail and wholesale. The nursery has a retail sales point, where our customers can make their purchases with the assistance of kind, professional and capable staff. Wholesale customers are invited to contact our sales department. All our customers are welcome to visit our nurseries.
Plant material from our own cultures, healthy and well cared for, quick and attentive service, large parking base and a plant loading point are but a few of our nursery's advantages.
Private customers planning to purchase below 100 plants are cordially invited to visit our yard by the nursery. Here, our staff can provide advice on plant purchase and grooming methods.

Our nurseries

Wróblewo 54, 64-510 Wronki
Piotrkowice 56A, 62-561 Ślesin

General terms and conditions of sales

  1. The sales season covers the whole year, as far as weather allows.
  2. Goods are issued Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. (products can also be collected on weekends or outside open hours, after previous arrangement).
  3. Orders are completed in the order they are placed.
  4. Collecting larger numbers (above 100 pcs.) of plants must be arranged one week in advance.
  5. Wholesale prices only apply when purchasing more than 100 plants.
  6. We reserve the right to modify prices.
  7. All prices are net prices, VAT is not included.
  8. Transport is arranged by the purchasing party. The seller only arranges transport from plantations and loading.

Plant ordering and sales

Retail sales

  1. Goods are sold at the retail yard designated at the nursery site.
  2. The sales point is open from Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Before Christmas, cut and potted trees in a broad range of varieties are available.


  1. Wholesale is conducted by the sales department.
  2. Each order must be confirmed in writing using the plant order form which specifies:
    • plant species and height,
    • method of plant preparation for collection (palleting, collected separately, etc.)
    • date of collection,
    • price + possible discounts (discounts possible when purchasing large numbers of plants),
    • amount payable in advance and method of payment.
  3. Orders are executed after advance payments are recorded on the account.

When purchasing plants in wholesale, customers are invited to visit our nursery, watch and even select plants directly from the plantation.


Terms and conditions of sales

Find out about terms and conditions of sales and delivery of our plants



Wróblewo 54
64-510 Wronki

T. +48 795 523 745
T. +48 604 649 974
E. info@ever-green.pl